Pharmacology Review Course

Pharmacology Review Course

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Jenny Ottoson

pharm review course

It gets straight to the point, clear, easy MOA and adverse effects, etc. Love it. Being a PharmD, I am thrilled to have this to review, and wish I knew of this site (or that one existed!) while I was in pharmacy school! I practiced for just under ...

Meagan Fana

Wonderful Resource!

I am a first year PA student and purchased this pharmacology review course during my first didactic semester. After my first pharmacology exam which I just squeaked by with a passing grade, I was looking for another resource to both improve my und...

Melody Reyes

A true "must-have!"

As PA students, we are often bombarded with "must-have" books/review guides from colleagues & preceptors. Some I've passed up on because they're just not what I was looking for--some had too much info or not enough- but I'm so happy I found th...

Jessica Ward

Pharmacology Review Course

This course has been a lifesaver. I am in an online family nurse practitioner program, and feel that a lot of the info is self taught. There are no lectures, and we are simply assigned chapters to read in a book. I cannot learn this way, and need ...

McShirley Math

Pharmacology Life Saver!

During my pharmacology course in my PA program we learned so many medications and side effects that IT JUST SEEMED ENDLESS! What did not help during my pharmacology course was that we were not told what is the best medication or what is most commo...

Gabriel Ibarra


I was so glad to see the pharmaceutical review go up. I am in my diadactic year of PA school, it is very helpful to watch before reading and a bonus to add to the notes provided. As a whole PA school is not difficult, it is made so by the constr...

Heather Howell

FANTASTIC pharm review course!

I am currently at the end of my didactic year in PA school and the pharm review course has been wonderful! Concise and straight to the point. Exactly what everyone needs to pass their EORs, PANCE, and PANRE! Highly recommended.

Amanda Shibley

PA-S to PA-C

I have been using the PABoards Review since I was a second year student in PA school. Now as a practicing PA for the past 8 months, I have found this course to be invaluable. It keeps me up to date and is incredibly useful while I am in clinic see...



This pharm review speaks volumes to me because I'm a recent grad who needs something concise and focused to jog my memory about all the meds that I am finally now ready to prescribe. Yes, Hallelujah! I graduated, passed my PANCE and took a posit...

Chad Burch


This is an amazing course!! I just love it!! So much information in a easy to use format!! πŸ’€πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬πŸ˜œπŸ˜œ

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Andrew (PA Boards)
Andrew (PA Boards)

About the instructor

I have been a solo provider in a busy family practice/OBGYN clinic located in Southern California since 2012. In 2013, I started the PA Boards website as a way to help others, and in the process, to continue my education.

Since then, the website has grown quite a bit! Over 45,000 students and clinicians get my emails, the podcast has been downloaded over 1 million times, and thousands of students/clinicians have used my material to pass their exams 😁

I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to be able to do this andΒ I'm excited to help you take your medical education to the next level πŸ€“Β 

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